What Local Brands and Products are Used in New Zealand to Create Eco-friendly Makeup?


In the world of cosmetics and makeup, more and more people are starting to pay attention to the sustainability of the products they use. New Zealand, with its abundant nature and commitment to preserving the environment, is no exception. There are a number of local brands and products in the country that actively care about the environment and offer cosmetics that combine beauty with environmental sustainability.


One of the best known local cosmetics and skincare brands from New Zealand. Antipodes uses natural and certified organic ingredients, sourcing carefully and paying attention to sustainable production practices.

Karen Murrell

This brand specializes in sustainable lipsticks. Karen Murrell creates its products using natural ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and no animal ingredients.


Ethique is known for their zero-waste skin and hair care products. They produce makeup products like mascara and powder in bar form, which reduces the use of plastic packaging.


Trilogy cares about skin health and the environment by using natural ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and not testing their products on animals.

Eco Minerals

This brand specializes in mineral makeup that is enriched with sustainable ingredients. They also support environmental projects.

Living Nature

Living Nature is the first cosmetics brand from New Zealand to be certified organic. They are committed to sustainability and create products with natural ingredients.

These local cosmetics brands and makeup products in New Zealand provide consumers with the opportunity to look beautiful without harming the environment. With a respect for nature and a commitment to environmental sustainability, they encourage everyone to care for beauty and the planet at the same time.