Makeup for Special Events


Makeup is an integral part of important events such as weddings, graduations and other special occasions. In New Zealand, professional makeup artists face unique requirements and expectations from clients to help them look gorgeous on the big day. Let’s break down what professional makeup requirements are for special events in this part of the world.

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup in New Zealand should be gentle, long lasting and expressive. It is important to consider that weddings are often held outdoors, so makeup should be long lasting and weather resistant. Natural light is also taken into account, which may require special makeup application techniques.

Prom makeup

Graduation parties in New Zealand are often accompanied by a photo shoot, so makeup must look perfect both in reality and in photos. This includes emphasizing the eyes, contouring and a well-chosen shade of lipstick. Young people also prefer modern trends, so makeup artists often keep a close eye on current styles.

Important events

New Zealand hosts various important events such as galas, concerts and corporate meetings. For such occasions, makeup can be bolder and more expressive, emphasizing individuality and matching the theme of the event.

Lasting requirements

The weather conditions in New Zealand can be fickle, so makeup staying power is important. Professional makeup artists use high quality products and fixatives to ensure makeup lasts throughout the event.

Personalized approach

It is important to remember that every client is unique and makeup requirements may vary. Professional makeup artists in New Zealand work with each client, taking into account their features, skin color and personal preferences.

Makeup for special events in New Zealand is becoming increasingly sought after and varied. Professional makeup artists in this country have unique skills and creativity to help clients feel confident and beautiful at the most important moments of their lives.