Makeup Collective 12pc Brush set

Makeup Collective 12pc Brush set

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12 Piece Brush Set

This is a very cool set of carefully selected brushes designed for your personal use. They come in a zip up case with mesh on one side to hold all your small additional items i.e. tweezers, eyelash curlers etc and another mesh clip on pouch for other small items and bottles. This is just amazing for people who travel and it comes in another outer zip up bag.

The following brushes are in this set:

No. 1 Lip Travel Brush

No. 2 Fine Eye Liner Brush

No. 7 Flat Definer (square brush)

No. 10 Bullet Brush

No. 11 Eyeshadow Fluffy Blending Brush

No. 12 Angled Contour Brush

No. 18 Concealer Brush (Medium)

No. 19 Concealer Brush (large)

No. 23 Foundation Brush

No. 24 Contour Brush

No. 25 Blusher/Powder brush

No.27 Double ended angle/Mascara wand Brush