Ben Nye Concealers Adjusters Pal

Ben Nye Concealers Adjusters Pal

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An assembly of Ben Nye's best highlights, concealers, adjusters and correctors, The MediaPRO Concealers & Adjusters Palette provides an incomparable selection of shades to create flawless complexions! Concealers disguise unwanted discolorations such as tattoos, birthmarks and vitilago. DuraCovers offer exceptional coverage for difficult-to-conceal areas, while Mojave Adjuster shades alter base as well as adjuster colors to personalize your color match. All shades are micro-blended with one or more shades for precise color match.

Tips and Tricks: Minor blemishes or under-eye discolorations may be disguised with a single shade, such as Coverette. Distinctive face and body discolorations, such as tattoos, may require several layers. Conceal black, blue and green tones with orange-based concealers such as Blue Neutralizer, Mellow Orange, or Tattoo Cover. Neutralize ruddy or red discolorations, such as Rosacea or broken capillaries, with yellow and green concealers such as Mellow Yellow, Red Neutralizer and DuraCover.



Top Row: Ultralite, Green Concealer 1, Mellow Yellow Normal, Tattoo Cover 1, Tattoo Cover 11, DuraCover

Middle Row: Coverette Ultra Fair, Tattoo Cover 2, Blue Neutralizer 1, Blue Neutralizer 2, Studio Beard Cover, Mojave Burnt Brown

Bottom Row: Special Yellow 1, Mojave Golden Yellow, Apricot, Mojave Burnt Orange, Mojave Brick