Ben Nye Burns & Blisters Wheel - Large Pro

Ben Nye Burns & Blisters Wheel - Large Pro

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A classic collection of effects colors to produce realistic wounds, bruises, burns, age stippling & contouring. Excellent for performing arts and all sorts of mass casualty scenes. Four shades per wheel.

    • Cream based formula
    • Highly pigmented
    • Ultra realistic burnt and blistered skin colours
    • Handy compact size ideal for makeup kits 

Ben Nye Burns & Blisters Wheel is a super handy compact wheel containing four ultra realistic creme effects colours to create all sorts of burnt, red, blistered, sun & fire damaged effects straight onto the skin.

The smooth cream formula applies effortlessly and evenly and provides a high colour pay off.

These wheels are perfect for any professional makeup artists kit as they take up very little space and yet are very versatile in achieving various special effects results.

Application: Use a brush, sponge, stipple sponge or your finger to apply and create burn, infected and blister effects

To achieve a thinner stain or wash of colour, blend with a few drops of FX 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on a brush. 

To durability, set with Neutral Set Powder and seal with Final Seal or Green Marble Selr. 

To Remove: Use soap and water