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Ben Nye

Ben Nye Full Splatter Brush

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Load with blood or liquid colors and flick bristles to create random specks and splatter. All synthetic fibers.

Texture Brushes enable artists to embellish or subtly texture skin and prosthetics with Ben Nye Creme FX Colors, Alcohol-Activated Palettes, Hair Colors and ProColor Airbrush Paints.

  • SFX brush
  • Ideal for creating flicked, splattered effects
  • Can also be used to create scratches and abrasions

Ben Nye Mini Splatter Brush is a wooden handled brush designed for creating special effects, the smaller size head of bristles fits perfectly into smaller cells on palettes such as Skin Illustrator when creating flicked splatter effects.

Used with any liquid bloods, dirts, etc in a flick motion on the bristles it will easily create an effective splatter effect.