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Ben Nye

Ben Nye Charcoal Powder 300gm

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Create the exact look you're going for with Ben Nye's Character Powders! 

The lightweight powder clings onto skin effectively yet washes off easily and gently after use. In a black colour resembling a realistic charcoal, charred or burnt effect. 

  • Loose black powder
  • To create burns & grease stains
  • Use on skin and costume

Ben Nye Charcoal Powder is a fine, loose, character powder designed to dirty down, distress and weather skin and costume.

To Apply: Smudge on for a "grease stain". Rub into cuticle, knuckles and fingers for greasy hands. Dust into burns, at edges of bullet hole or onto road rash effects.

Remove: Use soap and water.

Test on fabric before use. Expect 10-20 applications per 30 grams.

Please note that any color samples shown are not exact and may vary from actual product colors due to computer monitory display setting.


This product is for professional use only.