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Be Natural

Be Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner 90ml

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Be Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner is specially designed to condition and deeply cleanse makeup brushes.  100% natural and made with organic ingredients it is fragranced with Lavender, Grapefruit and Lime, which has the added benefits of attacking bacteria and leaving a fresh scent. 

Made in New Zealand.

Wet your brush in tepid water, then gently swish it across the cleaner. Swish the brush back and forth on the palm of your hand to lather before rinsing well in tepid water.  Remove excess water with a towel and place brush flat on a towel to dry.  Rinse the Makeup Brush Cleaner in water and leave to dry before replacing lid.  Store in a cool place.

Lavender & Lime with Pink Clay
Tins come in either pink or white labelling.