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666 Dice tattoo

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Tattoo Design Size (A7):  6 x 5,5 cm 

Dice have been around since before recorded history and people all around the world have been playing with them for thousands of years. They were used in ancient Egypt, Rome, China and India. Dice tattoos usually symbolize risk-takers, fortune seekers and luck-lovers and they are one of the favorite symbols used by gamblers. They are recognized as universal symbol of chance and good luck. Some believe that they will bring them luck, while others tattoo dice with numbers that have personal meaning. Try out our sinister dice tattoo with 666 and see if the devil can help you find your luck! 

-Realistic temporary tattoo transfer! -Easy to apply!  Special non-sharp finish for better and more realistic look! -Looks like a real tattoo when applied! -Used by professional make-up artists  in film, fashion, music, theater and TV industry! -Great for fun, events, celebrations, cosplay! -Recreate yourself for a day with our tattoos!