About Makeup Collective

A professional Makeup supply store is something we have been working towards since opening our school in 2007…..

And it’s something we know New Zealand Makeup Artists have been wanting for a long time…..

Being makeup artists for over 20 years we understand the need for providing our industry with essential products, coupled with the ease of ordering online.

We spend a lot of time on film sets and like other makeup artists are always looking out for the perfect products. Because of this we only stock items that we believe to be the best.

We also have items in stock for non industry people who have a passion for makeup such as our very popular personal 12 piece brush sets and travel size makeup kits plus more.

We are also proud to be supporting some of our own makeup artists in their business ventures. Stocking and supporting products that are designed by New Zealanders in the industry is very important and we hope to encourage more new homegrown labels as The Makeup Collective grows.

We hope you enjoy our new on line store and support us in our venture.

Dianne & Gabrielle