Ben Nye Neutral Set

Colourless Face Powder Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colourless...

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Rigid Collodion

Clear liquid which dries and puckers the skin to create...


Kryolan Tear Stick

A Tear Stick is a wax stick in a lipstick...


Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive

A thick Pros-aide adhesive excellent for filling in seams or...


Mehron Metallic Powder

Metallic Powder can be used alone for a subtle sheer...

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Matt Sealer

Matt Sealer is great for simply removing sheen, or as...


Glatzan Bald Cap

Glatzan bald cap is a especially thin but tear-resistant plastic...


Blue Bird Old Age- Beige

This is a great product used for ageing. Old age...


Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple 29ml

Thinner than liquid latex, apply Ben Nye’s Wrinkle Stipple to...

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Mehron Mixing Liquid

Mehron Makeup’s Mixing Liquid ™ is a must have in...


Bluebird Clean Up 120ml

Use Clean Up for speedy removal of prosthetics, Filthy, Inks, Old Age and...


Kryolan Tear Blower

A Tear Blower is a make-up artist’s tool consisting of...


Mehron Tooth FX- Black

Safe, non-toxic, paint-on tooth color.


Vanish 100ml

Vanish - A creme remover that liquifies on skin contact....

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Glycerine is used to simulate tears & sweat effects on...

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Resin Brush 25mm

This resin brush has a natural wooden handle - no...


Resin Brush 12mm

This resin brush has a natural wooden handle - no...


Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup

Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup is one of Mehron's most popular...


Sunburn 50ml

Sunburn; a transparent water-based wash, to replicate burnt skin. Simply buff...


Sweat Stop 4oz

Use Sweat Stop on skin before applying prosthetics to achieve...


Mehron Tooth FX- Nicotine

Safe, non-toxic, paint-on tooth color.


Ben Nye Scar Effect Gel 2oz

59ml Ben Nye’s scar effects gel is convincing and durable....


Menthol Crystals 20gm

For use with Tear Blower to create real tears for...

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GF - Qat 30- 100ml

GF-Qat is a gel that smoothes and flattens the hair,...

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SPFX 30ml Measuring Cups- Pack of 12

SPFX 30ml Measuring cups -Graduated -Solvent Proof -Pack of 12


Fixing Spray Atomizer 100ml

Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application over...


Special Latex (Prosaide) 50ml

Special Latex (Pros-Aide II) is recommended on very sensitive skin,...

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Ben Nye Flesh Effects Gel

Ben Nye's Special Effects Gels are convincing and durable! Create...


Fish Skin

A fine, delicate sheet of realistic skin-like material which can...


Bluebird Gloss Sealer

Gloss Sealer gives a flexible finish that provides a long-lasting...