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2.3 My Brushed Brow

My Brushed Brow™ is a stiff bristled, classic eyebrow brush...


2.4 My Tight Brow

My Tight Brow has an expertly hand crafted brush head...


3.1 My Line and Fill Brush

My Line and Fill™ has an expertly curved brush head...


3.3 My All Over Lip Brush

My All Over Lip has an oval shaped brush tip...


3.4 Pro My Expert Line and Define Brush

My Expert Line and Define has an ultra fine brush...


3.5 My Full Pout

My Full Pout™ is a larger, synthetic lip brush designed...


My Backstage Buddy

Perfect when working on set or on location. Big enough...


My Belt Buddy

The latest MYKITCO™ Buddy has finally arrived and it's your...

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My Brush Buddy

The best selling My Brush Buddy™ is your new way...

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My Big Brush Buddy

The MYKITCO.™ original and best selling My Brush Buddy™ just...


My Travel Buddy

  The New Look MY TRAVEL BUDDY™ is perfectly designed for personal...


My Mini Twin Canvas Pouch

One of our most popular bags has been shrunk into...


My Duffel

My Duffel™ is made for ultimate convenience. Simply undo the...

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My Quad

My Quad™ is a handy roll up storage solution for...


My Twin Canvas Pouch

My Twin Canvas Pouch™ is your perfect kit organiser. With...



MY PVC POD™ is an essential piece of your makeup-kit!...


My Small PVC Pod

MY SMALL PVC POD™ is the baby brother of our...


My Essential Makeup brush Set

My Essential Makeup Brush Set is made from a selection...


My Flawless Blender Digit

A super soft, latex free beauty blender that fits on...


My Flawless Blender Droplet

A super soft, tear-drop shaped, latex free beauty blender.


My Flawless Blender Edge

A super soft, flat-edged, latex free beauty blender - perfect...


My On Point Sharpener

My 'On Point' Sharpener™ is a high-quality cosmetic sharpener for...


My Mini On Point Buds

50 x fine-pointed makeup correcting cotton buds for perfect precision!...


My Small On Point Buds

50 x fine-pointed makeup correcting cotton buds for perfect precision!...

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My Face Charts

MYKITCO.™ My Face charts are your essential makeup design accessory....


My Pro Selects Brush Set

MY PRO SELECTS™ Makeup Brush Set contains a hand-picked selection...


MY Mini PVC Box Bag

MY MINI PVC BOX BAG™ is a durable PVC makeup bag...


MY Mini PVC Bag

My Mini PVC Bag™ is perfect for storing pencils, skin...

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0.21 My Flawless Face- Small.

This soft, synthetic, tapered brush moulds to the contours of...

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0.22 My Flawless Face- Medium

This super soft, synthetic, tapered brush is shaped to fit...