Bobby Pins- Black

Regular Size Bobby Pins Black  250gm Drum. Approx 300pins


Bobby Pins- Bronze

Regular Size Bobby Pins Bronze  250gm Drum. Approx 300pins 


Bobby Pins- Gold

Regular Size Bobby Pins Gold 250gm Drum. Approx 300pins 


Bobby Pins- Silver

Regular Size Bobby Pins Silver 250gm Drum. Approx 300pins 


Ripple Pins- Bronze 2"

Ripple Pins Bronze 2" (250gm Drum)


Ripple Pins- Bronze 3"

Ripple Pins Bronze 3" (250gm Drum)


Ripple Pins- Black 2"

Ripple Pins Black 2" (250gm Drum)


Ripple Pins- Black 3"

Ripple Pins Black 3" (250gm Drum)


Clip Box Makeup Collective

12 packet Makeup Collectives Handy ready to go Clip box...


Curl Clip - 2 prong steel 46mm

Curl Clip - 2 prong steel 46mm Pack of 100...


T- Pins 50 Pack

Silver Wig T-Pins holds the hairpiece securely in place to...


Rubber Hair Band- Black

Rubber Hair Band pack of 500- Black 


Rubber Hair Band- Brown

Rubber Hair Band Brown pack of 500


Rubber Hair Bands- Clear

Rubber Band Clear pack of 500


Wig Clips- Black

Black — 20 per pack Toupee clips are great for...


Butterfly Clips- Black

Butterfly Clips Blk 12Pkt


Sectioning Clips- Black

Sectioning Clip-Blk 100mm 12pk


Thermal Pouch/Pad

Must have Thermal Pouch/pad for hot styling equipment.


Cutting Cape - Blk W/proof Vel

A must have cape for Makeup Artists & Hairdressers. Protects...

Sold Out

Wig Cap La Charm- Blond/Neutral

For Woman & Men Holds hair in place while putting...

Sold Out

Wig Cap La Charme

Wig Cap La Charme Black