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Ben Nye Scar Effects Gel


Ben Nye’s scar effects gel is convincing and durable. Create everything from...

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Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple


Thinner than liquid latex, apply Ben Nye’s Wrinkle Stipple to stretched skin...

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Bluebird Old Age Stipple

This is a great product used for ageing.Old age can be stippled on with a sponge or...

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Collodion Non-flex


Collodion is a product used for the creation of simulated scars (also known as...

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Fixier Spray Aerosol


Fixier Spray seals makeup onto skin to prevent it from coming off. Is great for...

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Glatzan Bald Cap

Glatzan bald cap is a especially thin but tear-resistant plastic bald cap, made from...

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Glycerine is used to simulate tears & sweat effects on the skin. Great to use on...

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Mehron Rigid Collodion


‘Scarring Liquid’ is a clear solution created for Special Effects Makeup...

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Mehron Tooth FX

Black 7ml

Black creates the illusion of broken or chipped teeth.

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Mehron Tooth FX

Nicotine 7ml

Nicotine creates the illusion of decay or zombie rot simulates poor dental health.

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Shipping is available within New Zealand only. See the Shipping page for charges.

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